Local Time: Saturday, 08 May 2021 08:44 pm

Vehicles for Bid


You may obtain bid forms by clicking here or by picking them up at our office: 788 N. Marine Corps Dr, Suite 208, Youngs Plaza, Upper Tumon.

Vehicles can be viewed at the Guam Auto Club Storage. Please contact Liz at 671-646-8166 for date and time of viewings.

Vehicles for Bid

Bid Process:

  1. One (1) bid form per vehicle per envelope must be submitted sealed to Bank of Hawaii's Hagatna Branch or UPCA with the description of the vehicle on the front of the envelope.
  2. Bid closes next following Friday after the List date or once a minimum of three (3) bids have been received for one vehicle.
  3. Bank of Hawaii will then open bids and contract highest bidder with either an approval of bid amount or a counter offer.
  4. Bank of Hawaii will then notify UPCA of highest bidder per vehicle and UPCA will pass results at their office.

All Vehicles for Bid are sold in "as is" condition. No warranties or guarantees are made by either United Pacific Collection Agency or Bank of Hawaii.

Once a bid has been approved, awardee has forty-eight (48) hours from the time of notification to remit payment.